2014 Denver Digital Marketing Summit: Tips For Startup Growth


Events like the 2014 Denver Digital Marketing Summit seem as if only the established folks in the field are supposed to attend it. The truth, however, is that it is also open for everyone else who is still in the dark when it comes to advertising their business online. In case you have not noticed it yet, more and more startups are finding it easier to stay afloat through a virtual shop than when they only have physical establishments.

So, in hopes of helping your new business grow, there are several digital marketing tips for you.

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1. Make Your Content Creative

From the start, you should remember to create exciting and easy-to-read content for everyone. As a quick rule of thumb, long-form texts have no place in, say, an online marketplace. The tone of your words has to match the overall vibe of the website as well. This way, your target audience can feel attuned to what you’re selling.

2. Use Instagram, Facebook, Et Cetera

Digital marketers can also utilize social media to build up awareness about the brand. It won’t take hours to set up accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter where you can give updates to consumers regarding your products, services, and other announcements. You may also use them to connect faster with people.

Source: unsplash.com

3. Try Video Marketing

Advertising your business by creating videos is not too uncommon. That’s how YouTube stars generate money, after all. You can post clips on the same platform also to increase your online presence or publish them elsewhere.

4. Improve User Experience

Lastly, you need to make it more effortless for netizens to navigate through your site than ever. Every page should appear after clicking a link once, for instance. You should also ask your developer to turn the website into a mobile-friendly one, which entails that the landscape view of the pages can switch to portrait view when users access it through their smartphones.


Don’t wait another minute before you embrace digital marketing. Good luck!

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