Great SEO Strategies That Can Transform Your Website Traffic


Nowadays, Search Engine Optimization is one of the most utilized methods to drive traffic to people’s websites. This is true especially for small-scale entrepreneurs because they can use this method without paying for ads, which makes it advantageous, particularly when faced with more recognized competition. SEO is a means of structuring one’s website to create traffic. Unlike paid traffic, which typically comes from advertisements, traffic through organic search comes from the high ranks in search engines. This subsequently builds great content, capturing the target audience.

Today, there is an estimated 30% of individuals clicking the first result in Google; thus, SEO is indeed a vital part of any business.

However, website optimization can be complicated for small-scale business owners who have more than one daily responsibility. If you are one of these entrepreneurs, below is a list of great SEO strategies that might help you transform your website traffic.

  • Build A Clean And Well-Defined Structure. This is a very important strategy to implement, as it makes navigating easy and convenient for users. Well-defined means having a clear page that includes pages, categories, headings, links related to the site. If this is accomplished, Google crawlers can easily comprehend what’s inside your site and can rank it appropriately. Also, human users can scan through the pages and because the site is clear, they would perhaps want to stay there and navigate more.

Stay away from single page designs (that seem to go in and out of vogue every couple of years). The more pages that go to make up your website, the larger footprint it has on the Internet. — 

  • Keep Track Of The Changes. Once you’ve already made sure that your site is user-friendly, you now have to make sure that you keep track of the changes that happen on your site. If you don’t plan to ask for professional help on this matter, then you’ll need to accomplish these:
  1. Think about a metric to utilize to monitor site traffic. You can do keyword ranking, product purchases, or the number of people who revisit your site.
  2. Start utilizing either of the SEO tools created to help your site rank high in Google.
  3. Don’t do more than one change at once. 
  • Create Quality Content. It doesn’t matter if your business is small or big. An entrepreneur must provide good, if not great, content on his site. This means that your content must match your titles and meta descriptions. Longer articles are more favorable than the shorter ones. Finally, Google algorithms are meticulous in quality content in that they penalize your content for keyword stuffing, so keep your articles concise and interesting as much as possible. You can do a trial and error for the various styles of writing your content and monitor, which is best favored by your guests.
  • Source:

Listen up: people decide whether or not to explore your site in three seconds. If it looks like it was built in 1998, they’re going to hit the back button. —

  • Remove Anything That Weakens Your Site. Improving site speed is as important as increasing site traffic. Google announced way back that that site speed is one of the best ways to rank high in search engines. Entrepreneurs are advised to remove features or elements that reduce website traffic or speed. You can compress images, stop using JavaScript, clearing your browser, and deleting useless sections in the CSS.
  • Mobile Should Always Be Considered. Last year, Google considered mobile-first indexing unimportant. However, it would be wise to find it when you’re creating content or building a website, as mobile traffic overtook desktop two years ago. So don’t neglect the power of a mobile-oriented platform.

 Where you put your thoughts is where you put your energy.  If you look at problems and barriers, rather than solutions and options, you will be stuck. — Joyce Marter, LCPC


Enhancing your website can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. You can do it a step at a time so you can be sure it is structured and content is explicit and exciting. Focus on these SEO strategies and remember to address your site issues one by one. Keep track of the things you do so that you can be successful in your future business endeavors.

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