How Can SEO Marketing Benefit Therapists?


Every psychotherapist should have a website. Yes, that shouldn’t be news to you, as you’re a savvy therapist already. —

While the internet is getting easier to access, a lot of people now rely on the internet for answers even for the most mundane questions. These questions may include searching for the next burger joint to eat in or directions on how to make a quesadilla. Given this reality that all answers are seemingly at the tip of one’s fingertips, even professional services, including therapists, doctors, and nurses, are hopping on board and taking advantage of the internet’s infinite possibilities.

Specifically, know more about how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and SEO marketing can benefit therapists.

Be Instantly Connected To Potential Clients


The internet is a global platform. Anyone with access to the internet can get information that they need, no matter where they are in the world. It means that therapists looking to expand their client lists can take advantage of the power of the internet to tap potential clients by using the right internet marketing tools. Of course, one of the best means is to use SEO Marketing through marketing strategies to get the proper message across.

For example, a client may use their search engines to look for professional therapists in a particular geographical area. Therapists with the proper knowledge on how to use SEO will surely appear on top of that search list. Of course, those therapists on the first page of the search list will be the ones that will be shortlisted by the potential client. Indeed, proper positioning is the key to increase visibility on search lists.  

Each month, over 11,000,000 people search Google for the term “psychology,” and searches for phrases like “suicide prevention,” “relationship advice” and “attachment” are on the rise. As people find themselves looking for more psychological information online, psychologists and mental health professionals are faced with the opportunity to provide resources to a growing number of individuals through new media. — Lisa Firestone, Ph.D.

Legitimize Your Online Social Media Presence


Using SEO marketing properly in various social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can also legitimize a therapist’s online presence. After all, in today’s virtually connected world, most people have at least one active social media account. Furthermore, most people tend to look for proper feedback for professional services based on posts in their social media accounts.

Potential clients want assurance that they will get a good return on their investment, thus the need to verify professional services on what they see on social media.

The proper way to go about SEO marketing on social media is to stick to the basics. Use the right keyword on every post uploaded on social media. Also, add a fitting image to that post, and voila! That post will surely make the rounds on the internet. Relatability to the audience by using shareable posts coupled with SEO marketing strategies will solidify any therapist’s client base.

The most common SEO mistakes that therapists make on the website is not understanding how crucial keyword are. —

Lessen Costs Spent On Print Media Advertising

The internet is mostly a free-for-all platform. The majority of resources that are on the internet can be used by anyone, at any given time. As compared to using print media or traditional advertising platforms, SEO marketing can be cost-effective. Advertising in the newspaper can be expensive. Let’s admit it. A single ad on a daily paper can cost several hundreds of dollars per day – and you’re not even sure if your ad gets noticed by the one reading it.

On the other hand, SEO marketing has easily quantifiable results used for daily tabulation and computation. Therapists, with the proper training and expertise, can do it by themselves whenever they want. There is even built-in social media analytics that gives daily reports based on posts. The therapist can view user engagements, clicks, and interactions with posts on a real-time basis.

Given that many people spend their waking hours online, SEO advertising nowadays has a broader reach than print media advertising and TV ads. Even magazines and newspapers are creating web versions to reach that segment of people who favor reading news or lifestyle articles online.

Ultimately, SEO marketing benefits businesses, including therapists providing professional services to clients. SEO marketing is easy to grasp, with a lot of materials available online to study.

SEO marketing is also an excellent marketing tool because it is cost-effective and therapists can use it to connect to a broader online audience. Not only that but SEO marketing also converts potential clients to actual clients, therefore expanding a therapist’s active client base. Cash-strapped therapists looking for clients don’t have to spend too much on print media advertisements or TV ads to reach out. Using SEO marketing on social media is also considered beneficial to a therapist’s business because of its reach.

Based on the abovementioned reasons, SEO marketing is a viable and efficient marketing tool for therapists who want value for their money.

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