Staying On Top Of The SEO Game



The world is tremendously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but I say to you: Don’t slow down with your SEO marketing strategies because of it. Believe me, this is the best and most crucial time to transform your strategies along with the changing trends continuously. People are still buying products. The quarantine has forced people not to leave their homes, and most of these people have turned to shop online. Perhaps it is true that your traffic may be low right now, but setting your SEO aside now will only result in a negative effect on your rankings. Consequently, this will be a barrier to your success.

Below are some tips to help you stay on top of your SEO game and continue reaching your customers amidst the global crisis.            

Be updated with your Google trends. Keeping track of Google trends is crucial during this time to have information about the recent trends in your business, as people have made specific changes to their behaviors and their choices. Build up traffic on your site by making adjustments to your content and your SEO strategies to make it more significant in terms of Google trends. If you don’t take note of the current trends, your customers won’t be interested as much as you want them to. So monitor for traffic changes and engagement rates.

Keyword revision is crucial. During these trying times, it’s vital to regularly make necessary keyword revisions, since people’s searches, habits, and interests change amidst the circumstances. Generally, search demand has decreased since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. A lot of businesses have claimed that their traffic has dropped while rankings have stayed the same. So it is important to be updated with the trending keywords to keep your business from falling behind the others.


Grow your content base. I bet you have more time available now that you’re quarantined, right? This is the best opportunity to check the quality and quantity of your content. Surely, your business will significantly benefit from utilizing recent content to increase brand awareness among your customers. When the world has recovered from this global crisis, you will soon realize how busy you’ll become when the business goes back to normal, whatever that may mean. So be make sure that your content is ready for the future as well.

Reassess your content strategy. Because this is a time of economic crisis, consumers are not eager to spend much on the non-essentials, so you should focus on building content that targets customers who are planning to make purchases. You can write content about raising awareness to make positive impacts on conversions. Bring to customers content that provides information and something that conveys your expertise to your customers. Or perhaps you can do next-level customer service by delivering coronavirus-related content and reach out to your audience, ask them what they need that you can provide.

Data is a top priority. Not only does data from your online shop, social media, or website help you modify your strategy to meet the current situation, but it will help you learn to adapt to circumstances – crisis or not. Use the data that you have gathered from different sources to understand certain topics, like what customers want to buy, what they’re still interested in despite the pandemic, and how they have changed through the times. Knowing all these will allow you to prepare for situations like these in the future.


It is indeed important to build a robust SEO strategy and to make sure that your organic traffic does not drop down so low that you can’t get it up anymore, despite this global crisis that we are in. The most crucial reason for this is that it will surely benefit your business. A strong SEO strategy will help you surpass these trying times and then will prepare you when the world recovers – soon.



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